Van Cranes

Venturo cranes for use in enclosed vans and service bodies add loading and unloading functionality without compromising cargo space or structural integrity. A good range of motion in a tight space makes for easier, more efficient operation. This premium performance in smaller jobs can make a huge difference.

Transit VC1000

Specifically designed to operate with Ford’s Transit model of vans, this crane features a telescopic mast to allow it to fit inside the mid and high roof models, while floor and ceiling mounting provide maximum structural integrity.

Max. Capacity 1,000 lb
Crane Rating 6,000 ft-lb
Max. Reach 6 ft
Applications Ford Transit
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Sprinter VC1000

Crafted for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, the VC1000 fits within the standard and high roof models, and its dual-mounted mast integrates with the van’s structure to ensure integrity.

Max. Capacity 1,000 lb
Crane Rating 6,000 ft-lb
Max. Reach 5-1/2 ft
Applications Mercedes Sprinter
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This side-door mounted crane for a Ford Transit offers a maximum capacity of 750 lbs. With a folding boom, the VC750FB allows for more cargo space and has a secure storage position.

Max. Capacity 750 lb
Crane Rating 1,875 ft-lb
Max. Reach 2-1/2 ft
Applications Side/Rear Door Transit
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The ESV1000 offers a lifting solution that works with an enclosed service body. It can fit in any enclosed service body without the need for add-ons or special kits, and the boom swings with zero winch interference.

Max. Capacity 1,000 lb
Crane Rating 3,000 ft-lb
Max. Reach 3 ft
Applications Enclosed Service Bodies/Utility Bodies/Box Trucks
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