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2021 Chevrolet Silverado 4500HD Venturo Service Truck

Price: $117,499.00
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Available in VTEC Badge


2021 Chevrolet 4500HD Venturo Mechanic’s Truck.  Includes a Venturo 30,000 ft-lb crane service body with with AG Body drawer units located in streetside, front compartment.

Compartment lights with rear, rocker switches located in rear compartments, (4) LED Worklights located on top and rear of crane body.

Venturo ET25KXX with 20 ft boom, electric-hydraulic, 5000 lbs max capacity, 25000 ft-lb crane rating.

McCluskey Chevrolet
Mark Meyers
Cincinnati, Ohio

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Venturo HT25 Crane Service Body

Service Crane

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